Christmas Tree#1/Turquoise,Red,White New & Vintage

Happy (Black) Friday!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Check out my Facebook Fan Page here or my Instagram account here, for some more of my photos.  We had over 61 people for dinner at my Aunt and Uncle’s and yet were missing several.  Beautiful day with family even if my diet went down the drain.

I have rarely shopped on Black Friday as I prefer to work on my home Christmas decorations but this year my daughter and I made a stop to Target after midnight for one purchase and we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t packed and had what we were searching for at a great deal.  On top of that, we were able to see my beautiful young cousin, Meagan , who was busy working.

So, today, I can officially discuss Christmas.  Yay!! I love Christmas.  I love the meaning, of course, behind it, but I also love tradition and especially the time spent with my kids.  I discussed here how I enjoy Christmas decorating BEFORE Thanksgiving because I like to get a head start on many projects and enjoy the process.

Do you remember when I shared photos of my basement recreation room here and here?  You know what that means?  I HAVE A SPACE FOR ANOTHER CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!  My family and friends are laughing hysterically as they read this because they know I can never have too many trees.

Some of my Christmas trees are themed and the major one is not.  I decided to do a semi-theme for this space, mostly because, well, I could.  I’m a big believer in everyone’s own unique, personal style.  Look at my photos for inspiration for YOUR family.  At the end of the photos, I’ll share some great tips and new ideas for a tree like this one.  I’m only sharing Tree #1 today.  More to follow in the coming week.

This particular tree’s goal was to be happy, whimsical, and colorful in shades of the room– turquoise, blues, red and white.

I’ll call it:

My Whimsical White Tree

Turquoise/Red/White vintage Christmas tree

Purchased a slim white tree from Hobby Lobby with a 1/2 price coupon for $35.00.  Placed in a vintage turquoise 1/2 barrel I SCORED from an antique mall last month.  Placed in between the snack bar and the craft room.  Makes me so happy.

white, turquoise, red vintage tree

Love, love, love this turquoise metal barrel.  I filled in the top of it with white netting which cost about $4.00 total from JoAnn Fabrics with a 40% off coupon.

White turquoise,red vintage tree

The colors are gorgeous in front of the vintage turquoise wall map.

Vintage 2000 ornament - year Lily was born.

Vintage 2000 ornament – year Lily was born.

Mixing red whimsical with blue vintage turquoise balls

Mixing red whimsical with blue vintage turquoise balls

Ornaments from Pottery Barn, Antique Mall, HomeGoods, West Elm

Ornaments from Pottery Barn, Antique Mall, HomeGoods, West Elm and The White Rabbit

Are you naughty or...

Are you naughty or…



Turquoise Ornament from HomeGoods $3.99

Turquoise Ornament from HomeGoods $3.99

White whimsical from Lowe's tucked in with vintage blue balls.

White whimsical  fabric owl from Lowe’s tucked in with vintage blue balls.

Fun Popcorn ornament from World Market

Fun popcorn ornament from World Market

Vintage ornaments from various antique malls

Vintage ornaments from various antique malls

The White Rabbit turquoise ornament

The White Rabbit turquoise ornament

I found this beautiful ornament when I visited the beautiful vintage chic boutique, The White Rabbit recently (link).

Pottery Barn ornaments - whimsical dalmation and red Chinese lantern as my daughter is Chinese.

Pottery Barn ornaments – whimsical dalmation and red Chinese lantern as my daughter is Chinese.

West Elm ornament - colorful birds are all over the tree

West Elm ornament – colorful birds are all over the tree

West Elm red and white tree topper - saw it on-line & perfect to top off this fun tree

West Elm red and white tree topper – saw it on-line & perfect to top off this fun tree.  The large bird at the top is actually affixed to a stand for display purposes.  I liked it tucked in between the branches at the top of the tree.

White Christmas tree

Here was my thought process behind this tree adornment.  Let’s talk also about how we can make it work for YOUR room.

  • Slim tree at a discounted price fits the space without crowding and  also fits the budget – make it work for your space
  • Something unusual to place it in — you could use a bucket, pot, etc. Be certain to allow for tree base size
  • Fill in the space at bottom of tree  & top of barrel — get creative
  • Whimsy achieved with pops of animal ornaments mingled with others to match the surroundings, i.e. popcorn
  • Spread color throughout the tree – red is the accent color here
  • Add dimension – verticality of red tear-drops (pkg. of 12 found at HomeGoods for about $7.00)
  • 3-D effect achieved with placement of vintage balls in center of tree and at end of branches
  • Mix of old and new — start with what you already have as I did with my vintage ornament balls (collected year-round)
  • Sparkle and shine via lights and ornament sheen – don’t use all wood ornaments in your own tree if you want light
  • Fun tree topper — have a child make one or do as a family project. Be on the look-out at vintage stores.
  • Incorporate meaningful – Chinese lantern for us; the viewfinder toy-like ornament; a couple photo ornaments

Your theme can also be a semi-theme… due to color choices or family and your children’s age preferences.  When my now grown son was younger, he had a sports themed tree.  And being the big St. Louis Cardinals fans we are (want to read about our World Series fun here?), we mixed in quite a bit of red with cardinal birds and then it didn’t matter that the rest of the sports ornament collection wasn’t cohesive in color or design. Adding just one key element throughout your tree can make it cohesive – either in color or ornament theme. And beyond being COHESIVE (that word again) ultimately, your tree or trees just need to make you happy.  Who really cares if you add a purple ornament to a red tree if it was one that your little girl made for you in pre-school.

Tell me in the Comments below if you have a theme and what it is?  If no theme, share, too.

Here are links to scout for similar ornaments as mine:

The White Rabbit – turquoise ornament and many other vintage-inspired decorations

West Elm- sisal bird ornaments

Pottery Barn – Asian lantern ornament

Pottery Barn – Bottlebrush Dalmation ornament

(*I have no connection with any of these — just offering to make it easier for you to locate.)


  1. 4

    Dana says

    Hi, Rosemary
    Thanks, girl! I know what you mean about having too many ornaments. I have said for the past ten years that I didn’t need anymore, but I always get more and love each one. I have no recourse but to put up a few trees. lol Not complaining.

    Appreciate your kindness, as always.

  2. 5

    Jen smith says

    Nobody says that ALL the ornaments have to be up every year! If you vary it, youll get a look that changes the tree(s) every year and you can be surprised with the new stuff you might find each year!

    • 6

      Dana says

      Hi, Jen
      You are right! Fun to see what you missed each year. Something may have more meaning in a particular year. Love it. Thanks. Have a great week-end.

  3. 7


    I keep threatening to get a skinny tree since we have such a small space. I think I’m going to get one this year! I just scored a darling white owl and a few glass icicles today. My tree -whatever the size – goes up tomorrow!

  4. 8

    Dana says

    Hi, Cyndi

    Haha – sounds like it’s a promise to yourself to get it done, girl! White owl and glass icicles! Do you, as a designer, do trees for clients? Or is that more of a florist thing? Just curious. That skinny tree was a great deal, too, for a six foot. It was less than $35 at a 1/2 price sale. Sent me a pic of yours.

    • 10

      Dana says

      Hi, Micha! Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you liked it, too. Look forward to more Share Your Stuff Tuesdays!
      Have a great week.


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