Christmas Giveaway/The White Rabbit St. Louis

Hi, Chocolate & Sunshine Friends and New Friends of The White Rabbit!

I recently highlighted a beautiful vintage chic boutique in St. Louis, Missouri, called The White Rabbit here.  I won’t repeat myself other than to summarize that it’s a lovely family-owned store that Angie and Lindsay Mathey have created as a must-see visit for your shopping adventures for your home, baby or grandbaby or yourself with jewelry and other accessories.  Please take a look at the above link as I shared several photos of the beautiful Christmas vignettes they created.  I have been an avid fan for many years and have many of their pieces in my own home (I just started blogging, so had nothing to do with that — just a pure love of The White Rabbit).  I’ll share all of their contact information again at the end of this post.

Why should I repeat myself with another highlight of this shop?!  After all, it’s Christmas season and I have copious amounts of Christmas decor, entertaining and baking suggestions to share yet this month.  I’ve already shown my basement recreation room’s white tree done in turquoise and red here.  I just posted my serene white feather tree here.  And, I have at least 2-3 more trees to discuss on top of everything else.  So if you are new to Chocolate and Sunshine, please enter your e-mail address in the subscription box above and you won’t have to search for upcoming posts.  They’ll come to you.

Happily, The White Rabbit contacted me recently and would love to provide a Christmas Giveaway to One Lucky Reader!!!!

I’m so excited that one of you will have the opportunity to add this to your own home’s Christmas decorations this year.  But, before I share the contest, take a look at some of the other beautiful items awaiting you inside The White Rabbit for your upcoming shopping trip.

boxwood wreath

Preserved real boxwood wreaths are available in several styles and sizes and are very popular with their customers.  If you’d like a custom bow to adorn it, just ask them as they have beautiful ribbons available for a minimal cost.  The “Joy” ornament, at $6.00, is a sweet final touch.


There are several sizes and varieties of their new, USA-made, magnetic note boards.  Prices vary. I could use one in my office, my craft room, my kitchen and my daughter’s room.


These paper table runners which are also sized as placemats, are stocked in various designs including chevron, tulips, etc.  They have a tough time keeping this black chalkboard style runner in stock.  I believe they will have more on hand, at some point soon. I’d really like to be first in line for this.  In my post on The White Rabbit, we discussed their use as original and fun gift wrap! Check out more photos there.  *Note that vintage Mason jar filled with glittery gold ornaments.  Sweet idea.

So you’ve done some window shopping today and are ready to win something beautiful, right?


Would you like to win this beautiful reproduction of a vintage barn?

It’s 15″ wide and 12″ tall and made of paper pulp with tiny bottlebrush trees and wreaths in front of a white barnlike structure.  The windows are clear so that light can shine through.  It is ready for winter with mica snow covering the front and the little barn-door.   A small light comes with it and can be attached to the back of the building.  This beautiful lighted barn normally sells for $75.00 in The White Rabbit.

There are many ways to win.  Pick one or all.  Each selection equals one entry into the drawing which will end at midnight Central Time Saturday, December 14th.  The winner will be announced on Chocolate & Sunshine’s blog and social media accounts as well as The White Rabbit’s. The winner and delivery is limited to the continental USA.  (Sorry to my wonderful readers from out of this country. Delivery would be prohibitive.)

Here’s How it Works:

Follow any or all of the following social media options and tell me in the Comments which you have done.  If you are already a follower, please note that as it will still count.

***Your Comment on this Blog, Chocolate & Sunshine, indicating which blog or social media accounts you follow is your ONLY ENTRY into the blog. The more you follow, the more chances you have to win! You can have from one to seven chances. But, you must leave in the Comment section at the end of this post.  It does not count if your comment is on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.  You can only follow each social media outlet once, of course.

If you did every single option above, you would never miss a post of Chocolate & Sunshine, including upcoming giveaways, holiday inspiration, home decorating ideas, and updates on local activities as well as anything to do with chocolate.  You would never miss a notice of a sale or the arrival of beautiful new pieces of furniture, jewelry or seasonal accessories at The White Rabbit.  And… you would have a total of 7 chances to win the beautiful vintage reproduction barn for your own home.

*** Note:  You will be down for ONE entry when you leave a much-appreciated comment about either The White Rabbit or Chocolate & Sunshine, if you do not indicate what social media you added or currently follow.  Thanks!

the white rabbit outside

The White Rabbit is located at: 9030 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO 63144.  Their phone is:  314-963-9784.

Remember that the contest closes on December 14th at midnight Central time.   I have to tell you that this system really works!  I WON a giveaway last week for The Black Hound bakery in NYC.  Seriously!  I never win anything but I entered everything similar to this contest and MY NAME was drawn.  A few days later, this big box of cakes and cookies arrived to my home. Check it out here.  So, you can win something, too (and I can’t — dang it!)

Come back next week for Christmas tree and mantle decorating inspiration as well as some delicious family cookie recipes.  That will be followed by a fun entertaining idea for your friends and a great family gift idea.  OMG – I need to get moving…

x Dana


    • 10

      Dana says

      Hi, Karen! Glad you do, too. It’s so sweet and I love anything vintage.
      If you see this again and can reply with what you liked or followed, so I can add in the number of entries for you, please do so. If not, we will check at our end and get your entered. Good luck!!

  1. 11

    Bonnie Jean says

    I signed up for the Chocolate and Sunshine which sounds just great to me on this gray and rainy day. I also signed up to follow the two pinterest spots listed and looked at a few things already. Love the new ways to combine older things. Am definately a shabby chic person. Would love to win the barn. I cannot do the other social media for safety reasons as a victim of domestic violence. But I love to see beautiful things that inspire me.

    • 12

      Dana says

      Hi, Bonnie
      Thanks for leaving a comment. It doesn’t matter which social media options you choose. There are options for both Chocolate & Sunshine and
      The White Rabbit based upon readers’ preferences. You are set for the drawing. Good luck!

  2. 13

    Leah says

    I liked both Chocolate and Sunshine and White Rabbit’s Facebook pages, subscribed to the Chocolate and Sunshine blog and followed both Chocolate and Sunshine and the White Rabbit on pinterest :) Don’t have a twitter or I would do that too!
    Happy Holidays!

    • 14

      Dana says

      Leah, that’s great! You have 5 chances to win this beautiful vintage barn! Good luck.
      Glad you stopped by Chocolate & Sunshine.

  3. 15


    I love the White Rabbit, in a year and a half we may be moving to a Villa and my furniture will come from the White Rabbit. I have a White Rabbit bedroom now and my guests love it.

    • 16

      Dana says

      Barb, how nice!! a Villa! I think anything from The White Rabbit that you furnish it with would be absolutely beautiful.
      Thank you for stopping by.

    • 18

      Dana says

      Yay, Sara! Seven entries into this drawing is the most you can have, so good luck!!
      Lovely to meet you here at Chocolate and Sunshine.
      Have a Merry Christmas season.

  4. 19

    Janet says

    I entered all seven times – so excited to spend my weekend with all the social media websites and to catch up on the wonderful ideas! Thanks Dana for the opportunity!

    • 20

      Dana says

      Hi, Janet. I’m glad you liked everything and now you have 7 chances to win, too! Have a very happy Christmas season!

    • 22

      Dana says

      Hi, Deanna

      Would you mind letting me know which social media outlets you followed/liked so I can put down the correct number of entries?
      If you miss this, we will certainly look it up and be assured that you are in. Best of luck and thanks for following Chocolate and Sunshine now, too!

    • 24

      Dana says

      Hi, Carol
      Thanks for your comment! Would you please let me know what you connected with for the # of chances you have?
      Have a great week-end,

    • 26

      Dana says

      Hi, Read
      Thanks for commenting. You are entered twice for the drawing with Twitter and Facebook. Have a great week-end!

  5. 29


    I liked both chocolate & sunshine on FB and already liked The White Rabbit. ;-D I’m now also following TWR on Pinterest too. Just a thought for giveaways Rafflecopter offers a free option for this to help simplify it for’s wonderful and easy to use. Happy Holidays!

    • 30

      Dana says

      Hi, Julia
      You are entered for the drawing. I started blogging just a couple months ago and hadn’t had the chance to add Rafflecopter yet, but after this giveaway I have to figure it
      out, don’t I? lol Thank you for suggesting it. I thought I’d give it a try the old-fashioned way today. Glad you stopped by. I’ll stop by yours.
      Have a great Christmas season!

  6. 31

    Debra says

    Hi Dana. I used to live within walking distance of the White Rabbit! That was good and bad :) I temporarily live in Indianapolis, but as I decorate for Christmas, I feel like I’m in the White Rabbit. I have ALOT of their stuff. I always go there on my trips to STL. I don’t normally subscribe to blogs, but since we’re both STL’s. . .

    • 32

      Dana says

      Debra, that would have been tough and wonderful to live within walking distance of The White Rabbit! lol I’m glad you entered in the drawing as they will ship this beautiful Christmas decoration. Hope it’s a nice day in Indy today as it’s snowing here.

  7. 35

    Valeri McKinley-Topel says

    Hi, I signed up for your blog and follow you on Facebook! LOVE the barn!!
    Merry Christmas, Valeri

    • 36

      Dana says

      Hi, Valerie
      Thank you for entering The White Rabbit drawing. You’ve got 2 entries now. Good luck! Yes, I think the barn is so pretty, too.
      Merry Christmas!
      x Dana

  8. 37

    Sherry b says

    Love the White Rabbit, have been a fan since the shop first opened. I am glad to discover your blog and would love to win the barn.


    • 38

      Dana says

      Sherry – thanks for finding my blog, too! You commented, so that’s one entry. If you followed or liked anything else, please let me know
      and we’ll add more entries. Best of luck!

  9. 39

    susan westhoff says

    Love the White Rabbit-I’ve been going there for years, and, of course, I’d love to win the barn! The ladies are so creative and always coming up with new ideas.

    • 40

      Dana says

      Hi, Susan
      I’m really not amazed at the number of people who love The White Rabbit but it’s so fun hearing from everyone. I can’t wait for Angie and Lindsay to
      see the love they are getting. I’m also glad you discovered Chocolate & Sunshine. You are down for one entry unless you followed or liked something else and
      can always add it later.
      Merry Christmas!

  10. 41

    Carol says

    Looking forward to your updates and will “like” both you and White Rabbit (one of my favorite stores on FB and will happily follow both on Pinterest. I have been a fan of The white Rabbit for a couple of years. Such talented women who throw fun “Ladies Night” classes and parties.

    • 42

      Dana says

      Hi, Carol
      You are down for four entries then. Nice. Good luck! Thank you for liking us and following our Pinterest boards. I have always wanted to go to
      their Ladies Nights. Have you had a great time at them?
      Merry Christmas,

      • 43

        Carol says

        I think you would enjoy a White Rabbit Ladies Night and any one of the classes that might be about a subject that is of interest to you. These women do a great job at whatever they attempt in my opinion. Truly one of my favorite shops because of how well and interestingly it is decorated.

  11. 44

    Joan westhoff says

    Just found your blog! Love it and The White Rabbit. Completed all 7 entries. Thanks for the opppurtunity to win this vintage barn!

    • 45

      Dana says

      Well, Joan, you have a good chance with seven entries! Thanks much for following us both. Best of luck.
      Merry Christmas,

  12. 46

    Donna says

    Hi!!!! Love the snowy barn, White Rabbit AND Chocolate and Sunshine! Would so love to win the giveaway. I signed up for your website, FB for White Rabbit (I had already “liked” your blog previously) and followed both on Pinterest. Stay warm!!!

    • 47

      Dana says

      Hi, Donna
      Of course, I know you liked my blog previously. Love my regular readers. Best of luck in this contest with your 5 entries. Early Merry Christmas to you.
      Take care,
      x Dana

  13. 48

    Lauren says

    That barn is beautiful! I liked both Facebook pages and am following both Pinterest pages. Glad I stumbled across your blog!

    • 49

      Dana says

      Thanks, Lauren! You are entered into The White Rabbit drawing with 4 entries. Awesome. I’m glad you stopped by, too.
      Merry Christmas,

  14. 50

    Gina says

    Keep up the great blogs! Love your style and following you and the white rabbit under all 7 social media methods. Love a great giveaway.

    • 51

      Dana says

      Hey, Gina
      You are always such a great supporter! You know I love your style, too. You are down for 7 entries, girl!

      x Dana

  15. 52

    Susan Minor says

    Hi Dana!
    Love the Christmas Barn! I stop by the White Rabbit every chance i get when i am visiting my daughter, Meredith & family in St. Louis!
    I have signed up & liked everything except the 2 Twiitter links.
    Merry Christmas!

    • 53

      Dana says

      Hello, susan
      Thanks for signing up for 5 things. That’s great. Best of luck in the contest.
      Have a Merry Christmas, too,

  16. 54

    Whitney tenholder says

    What a fun contest! I have always loved and admired The White Rabbit’s style, so most of my home is filled with treasures from their boutique. I am following all 7 of the social media sites, and would love to win this beautiful barn!

    • 55

      Dana says

      Thanks, Whitney. You are entered with seven chances! Their store is loved by so many, including me.
      Good luck,

    • 57

      Dana says

      Thanks for commenting, Emily. I understand why you love The White Rabbit. Have a happy holiday season!
      You are entered into the drawing.

    • 59

      Dana says

      Hi, Erin
      Thanks so much! Saw your other comment on the FB Fan Page with all seven entries in. Good luck in the drawing.
      Hope you Christmas season is great so far!
      x Dana

    • 61

      Dana says

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! Best of luck as you have two chances to win at The White Rabbit.
      Have a great week,

  17. 62


    Absolutely love The White Rabbit! My daughter introduced me to the shop last year and it’s amazing. The ladies who work there are so friendly and helpful. It’s obvious they love what they do. Have done five of the seven ways to enter. Would love the barn!

    • 63

      Dana says

      Okay, Debbie — you are in with five entries! Thanks for entering. Yes, they really are super friendly and talented!
      Appreciate your comment at Chocolate and Sunshine.

  18. 64

    Nichole Schlatter says

    Hi, as a fan of the white rabbit for some time… I’m happy to join you at Chocolate & Sunshine for more opportunities! I have completed the email subscription, liked both Facebook pages & followed both on Pinterest! So, that’s 5 entries…correct? Thanks again for everything you do;0)

    • 65

      Dana says

      Hi, Nicole
      Awesome! 5 entries for you. I’ve been a White Rabbit Fan for many years, too. Thank you for liking everything and best of luck!

  19. 66

    Angie colona says

    Ok..i had previously done most of the requirements but have validated all seven..subscriber, like choc and sunand white rabbit on fb, follow both on twitter, follow bothon pintertest. Seven lucky entries for me please!!!

    • 67

      Dana says

      Hi, Angie
      Thanks for validating everything. Yes, you are in for a lucky seven! The White Rabbit barn would be beautiful in your home, too.
      Appreciate it.
      x Dana

  20. 70

    Carrie Bolt says

    I’ve been to the White Rabbit and absolutely fell in LOVE with everything. I signed up for 6 of the entries. Everything but the Twitter. Look forward to following all. My favorite includes VINTAGE. The Vintage Barn would be perfect to display on my mantle. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    • 71

      Dana says

      Thank you, Carrie. You are in the drawing at The White Rabbit for six chances. Good luck and thank you
      for stopping by Chocolate and Sunshine.
      Take care,

  21. 72

    Meg says

    I had already liked your site and the White Rabbit on Facebook and I don’t tweet…Don’t have a pininterest account yet either….


    • 73

      Dana says

      Hi, Meg
      You are down for two entries. Good luck! I’m glad you were able to enter the drawing before the deadline. Have a great week-end!
      x Dana

  22. 74

    Janae Cooprider says

    I love shopping at The White Rabbit! I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog as well :-) I have followed you and the White rabbit on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thanks for offering such a nice giveaway! That barn is beautiful! Merry Christmas :-)

    • 75

      Dana says

      Janae, that’s awesome as you now have 7 entries into the drawing. Best of luck. I’m happy to have you visit Chocolate & Sunshine, too.
      Have a Merry Christmas!

  23. 76

    nancy Sansone says

    Live it STL, love love White Rabbit!!! Read your blog before and really enjoyed it esp since i know where and what you are talking about!!

    Would love to win the barn, it would go great with all my other houses!!

    Merry Christmas! Don’t you love all the snow!!!

    • 77

      Dana says

      Thank you for entering the barn drawing at The White Rabbit. The snow is beautiful, but happy it’s done.
      Have a very Merry Christmas,

    • 79

      Dana says

      Thank you, Darcy, for all of your entries into the drawing for the barn. You have 4 entries. Good luck!
      Merry Christmas,


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