Recycled Furniture and a Little Paint

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day

How do you celebrate April 22nd each year? Earth Day.  Plant a tree?  Limit your gasoline usage? Begin a vegetable garden? Plant some perennial flowers?

My suggestion is to beautify your home with pieces you already own or can purchase re-sale from Goodwill, an antique shop or even Craigslist and enjoy the true benefits of recycling existing pieces instead of allowing them to clog a landfill.

I shared the following suggestion to update an old credenza bought for $50 from Craigslist a few months ago, back when I had just a few readers. Now that I have so many new followers to Chocolate and Sunshine and for my early loyal readers who may have missed it, I thought today was the perfect opportunity to recycle it.

Let me know if you have updated something that cost next to nothing or was free of charge because it was sitting in your basement or garage, at your grandmother’s home or in a dumpster somewhere.  Recycle.  Keep your costs down and the earth less cluttered.

I am so thrilled that Garage Sale Season is beginning.  It’s also a fun opportunity to hunt for pieces to be transformed.  Every once in a while, I locate an Estate Sale, too.  If you arrive early, your selection is excellent.  If you prefer to wait until its conclusion, the prices will be very low.

Take a look…


Before & After/D.I.Y. Painting Craigslist Furniture.

I think that today I will do my best to locate a new item to recycle and maybe to find some flowers to plant, too.  My sunny way to spend a lunch hour. The featured photo of the orange lily is because I used to have a beautiful garden of lilies in my backyard and unfortunately, the local deer ate them for dessert.  At least I keep the animals fed and maybe this can be considered my contribution to Earth Day.

What are your plans?

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x Dana


  1. 2

    Dana says

    Hi, Jodee
    Another thing we have in common! Wish I knew about the fun of shopping in unique places and for less money when I was much younger. I could have saved so much money and owned something unique
    and personalized.

    Have a great day, Jodee!!

    • 4

      Dana says

      Love that you like to search garage and estate sales, too. Looking forward to doing again soon. How’s your week? We need to catch up soon.
      x Dana

  2. 5


    Adorable furniture! We are a rather thrifty family year round. Goodwill, repurposing, all that good stuff. =) We spent the day outside playing in the yard while I worked in the shade. =)
    Dominique recently posted…ErgoErgo Review!My Profile

    • 6

      Dana says

      Hi, Dominique
      How are you? Great to see you here. I always loved working in the yard on a project on a pretty day. If I wasn’t working today I would have painted my front door. It’s on my list but rain is on its way.
      x Dana

  3. 7


    Hi Dana! I’m actually starting my vegetable garden (a little late this year, but have seeds, will grow!). I think you probably would have loved the Abita Springs Whole Town Garage Sale ( ) last month! And, I love that old world globe on your refurbished credenza (it’s such a pretty color, by the way). Have a wonderful day! :)

    • 8

      Dana says

      Trisha, thank you for coming by. Have you planted veggies before? with seeds? I’ve only done tomato plants and herbs, in pots on my deck. Good
      luck with yours.
      Yes, I would love to go to this garage sale!!!! Great to meet you. x Dana

    • 10

      Dana says

      Suzanne, when do you want to get going? I know. I haven’t gone to any yet either as really haven’t noticed many signs up yet. I need to
      find them and do one, too!! Have a wonderful day!

    • 12

      Dana says

      Hi, Suki
      I understand!! There is never enough time to get all of the projects completed that I’d like to do.
      Thank you for stopping by.

    • 14

      Dana says

      Love it, Terry!! I need to live in your area as I never find anything at the curb. I think many find my discards, however. I love how you can beautify an existing piece and I’m not even a professional painter. Thanks!

  4. 15


    Hi Dana,

    Lovely to be back here on your blog:) Oh I totally agree with you. I’m a huge fan of reusing furniture, I love vintage furniture and I’m very conscience now of if I were to purchase something new, it’s going to be of the highest quality so it won’t end up in landfill and has that staying power. That often means that I can’t obtain it straight way and save up the old fashioned way. You did a great job with your craiglist furniture.

    Mel xx
    Mel recently posted…My Space | Judith de Graaff of JoelixMy Profile

    • 16

      Dana says

      Mel, so nice to see you here again. How is New Zealand? Yes, you and I have similar interests in the use of vintage pieces and their reincarnation in modern homes regardless if left in its original form or updated with paint and new hardware. Heading your way now…
      xo Dana

    • 18

      Dana says

      Hi, Diana
      You are so kind to nominate me for a Liebster Award. I already did it this year, however. Go to the Blog category and check it out. You made my day, however, by thinking of me!!! Thank you very much.

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